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Fees & Finances

Add, withdraw from, or change a course after the third week of quarter (see Calendar)
$4 for each petition.

Admission, Readmission, Intercampus Visit, or Intercampus Transfer Application $70.

Advancement to Candidacy for Ph.D. Application $90

Associated Students (ASUCR) Fee The fee is required for all undergraduate students. The fee covers funding for campus clubs and organizations, student-owned and operated businesses, and student advocacy efforts, and supports the general operating costs of ASUCR.

Associated Students' Program Board (ASPB) Fee The fee covers ASPB funding for on-campus entertainment such as lectures, concerts, films, cultural and student center events.

Course Materials and Services Fee (varies) Covers the cost of course materials and supplies the student uses, special costs associated with use of university-owned equipment, or the cost of other services that provide educational benefit to the student. This fee is assessed when students enroll in certain courses, which are noted in the class listings. Click here to see an overall listing of the current Course Materials and Services Fees. Financial aid may be available to pay this fee. Contact the Financial Aid Office for further information. Based upon the need of academic departments to purchase the supplies, materials, and services necessary to maintain instructional quality in advance of actual instruction, the Course Materials and Services Fee associated with the course a student is enrolled in is non-refundable after the 1st day of instruction.

Credit by Examination $5 for each petition.

Deferred Payment Plan Late Fee (DPP) Late payments will be assessed a late DPP payment fee each month. The late fee for the first payment of each quarter is $50. The late fee thereafter is $12.50 per month.

Diploma Mailing domestic—$7.00, international destination—$19.00. Fees are based upon current United States Postal Service rates, and are subject to change.

Division I Fee The fee is mandatory for all undergraduates and is used to support NCAA Division I athletic programs.

Educational Opportunity Program Fee The fee covers a portion of the costs for low-income students in UCR summer preparation programs in writing and mathematics offered through the Learning Center as well as services during the academic year.

Executive M.B.A. Program (EMBA) is designed for more experienced students who are making the transition from functional specialists in business or the professions to general management. Students in the E.M.B.A. program earn the M.B.A. degree in 22 months by attending classes every other weekend and through participation in several 5-6 day intensive residential class sessions. The overall cost of the program (approximately 22 months) is $12,500 per quarter.

Filing Fee Status for Graduate Students One-half of the Student Services Fee--$162

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Graduate Student Association (GSAUCR) Conference Travel Grant Fee to help graduate students with expenses associated with travel to conferences.

Graduate Student Association (GSAUCR) Membership Fee The fee is required of all graduate students and supports the Graduate Student Association.

Graduate Student Association (GSAUCR) Fee Fellowship Represents the
required financial aid set aside for April 2007 referendum.

Green Campus Action Plan (GCAP) Fee to install solar panels on the Highlander Union Building (HUB) and on Lot 30, create internships at the new Office of Sustainability, and fund student initiated sustainability projects to aid our campus in becoming more environmentally sustainable over the next four years.

Highlander Fee to support the operating costs of the campus student newspaper.

Housing Late Fee $30 each month for late housing payments. However, payments designated for housing pay housing charges only.

Intermediate Algebra Workshop (IAW) The $280 fee covers the administrative and instructional costs of the IAW program. This fee does not include the cost of an access code for the online homework system.

KUCR Fee to support the operating costs of the campus student radio station.

Late Enrollment Fee $50 charged to students who enroll in courses after the third week of the quarter (see Calendar). Late fees may be waived for student health problems verified by a physician, death in the family, or an administrative error on the part of the university.

Late Payment Fee $50 fee charged to students who do not pay their fees by the published deadline (see Calendar). Appropriate late fees are charged for all returned checks.

Late Fee—Student Business Services $12.50 Assessed each month to accounts not paid by the deadline date indicated on the Statement of Account.

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Program in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts is designed for professionally oriented writers who are interested in a variety of literary forms. Students in the Palm Desert M.F.A. Program are assessed per unit fess of $480.00/unit.

Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) The program fills a growing demand for qualified certified public accountants (CPAs), especially with a California law effective for years after 2013 that will require 150 semester hours (or 225 quarter hours) of applicable college credit. The program is designed to be completed in three quarters, 48 units.

Medical School Students Disability Insurance Fee All medical school students are assessed a disability insurance fee with fall quarter fees and tuition.

Music Instruction Fee (depends on number of units) Pays for the cost of private vocal and instrumental instruction. Such courses are identified with a "fee required" note in the class listings. Contact the department for information on fee amount, enrollment procedure, and payment methods.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Nonresidents of California are charged, in addition to all applicable fees, a nonresident supplemental tuition. A Statement of Legal Residence and information is available online to each new and reentering student at Statement of Legal Residence.

Online Master-of-Science in Engineering Program enables fully employed engineers, including computer scientists, to advance their professional education, enhancing their value to their employers. This program is a two-year, 36-unit program, fully online.

Parking Permits All vehicles parked on the UCR campus between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday must display a valid UCR parking permit. See Transportation and Parking for rates and services.

Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition Mandatory for professional school students

Recreation Center Fee This fee, which must be paid by all students at the time of registration, helps pay the cost of construction, maintenance, and operation of the Recreation Center.

Recreation Course Fee (varies) Covers the cost of instruction for certain Recreation courses. The fee is paid at the Student Recreation Center and is not billed to the student's account.

Returned Check Collection $20 charge

Student Center (Commons) Fee This fee, which must be paid by all students at the time of registration, helps pay the costs of construction, maintenance, and operation of the Commons.

Student Health Insurance Plan (USHIP) Premium This is a mandatory premium for all students. The insurance supplements the outpatient care available to all registered students through the Campus Health Center. Students who can prove comparable or better coverage from another source may apply to be exempted from the mandatory plan and have the premium waived. Visit Campus Health for more information.

Student Services Fee This is a mandatory quarterly charge for undergraduate and graduate students for services that benefit students and are complementary to, but not part of, the instructional program. No part is returned to the students who do not carry a full program or who do not wish to make use of these services.

Subsidized Student Admission Plan Grants UCR undergraduate students admission to all performances produced by the UCR Department of Theatre free of charge.

Transcript Fees Check Transcript Information for fees.

Student Technology Course Materials Fee Supports the strategic investment in technology to enhance student engagement and promote active, participatory learning.

Student Voice Initiative (SVI) Ensures more funds to the ASUCR External Affairs Office in order to better promote higher education advocacy through student empowerment.

Tuition This is a mandatory quarterly charge for all full-time undergraduate and graduate students to cover part of the cost of the students' education at University of California.

UCR Card (Student ID card) Check UCR Card for fees.

UCR Student Services Fee Required of all students, the quarterly Student Services Fee supports various student services, such as counseling, club activities, and student organizations.

University of California Student Association (UCSA) Fee The quarterly fee funds the UCSA, which represents student interests to the Regents of the University and the Office of the President.